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Austin Drone Photography Now Offering Aerial Imagery

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Austin Drone Photography is a new aerial imagery company that is providing clients in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas with breathtaking images and videos made using the latest technology. The new company is now offering its services to clients who need aerial photographs and videos for many different occasions. Founder Chris Bonnet started the company after years in the real estate industry. As an agent he set himself apart by providing aerial photography of client’s homes and that experience led him to see the great demand for this type of imagery, which led to the creation of Austin Drone Photography.

Austin Aerial PhotographyWhat sets Austin Drone Photography apart is their use of the latest innovative technology including the DJI Phantom quadcopter. This method is cheaper than using a traditional helicopter and allows Bonnet and his partner Fred Ramirez to get pictures of places that can often be hard to photograph.

ADP specializes in several market segments starting with real estate. Since this is where Bonnet got his start with aerial photography, he is able to obtain stunning images of any home listed on the market. The company also offers its services to commercial builders and contractors who want to chart the progress of their developments from the air. A recent niche that Austin Drone Photography discovered was aerial photography of events such as concerts, raced, weddings, festivals or even the production of music videos, where aerial images can provide an invaluable memory of the event or marketing tool for event organizers.

A portfolio of the firm’s work can be found on their website where a simple click will take visitors on an aerial tour of homes, venues, geographic locations and recreational facilities. To learn more about Austin aerial photography, or to see examples of the Austin Drone Photography finished product, visit the company’s website at or call 512.818.3550 to speak with a company representative. ADP also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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