Drone’s Impact With Football

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Football programs across the country are starting to use drone’s for multiple reasons. Drone’s have a huge impact when it comes to football practice. They are able to hover above the practice and watch the players practice from above. It is another set of eyes for the football coaches. This is enabling the coaches to focus more on coaching during practice, and being able to study the film from the drone afterwards to make their adjustments. This is just the start of the trend, expect many more football programs to start using drone’s in the near future.

Another use for the drone’s are Friday night football games for high school teams. Schools are now able to have a drone hover over the football field and have a live feed of the football game uploaded to their website for the fans who were not able to make the game. This is a much more affordable option than schools have had in the past. Contact Austin Drone Photography if you are interested in having a drone present for any of your sporting events.

Do you have any other ideas or thoughts about the use of drones and sporting events? Comment below!

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