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Marketing Real Estate & Differentiating Yourself from Others

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Marketing Real Estate & Differentiating Yourself from Others

Commercial real estate owners, marketing firms, and real estate agents have been continuously searching for techniques to generate leads, increase brand visibility and drive real estate sales. From commercial properties to residential developments, sellers always ask the question, what do you think would impress and get buyers to visit or purchase the properties they see online?

It’s important to set yourself apart from the competition and showcase your property in a way that will provide potential buyers with an engaging experience that will not only make them wish they owned that property, but will also enable the buyer to visualize themselves at that property. The typical approach, and downfall of most sellers, is to post ground photos and blurry outdated satellite imagery. While ground photos offer a first person view that enable a buyer to see the property as they would see it through their own eyes, they tend to be insufficient in showcasing important details of the property and limit the field of view. Additionally, by taking this approach, the agent (or marketing company) wouldn’t be doing anything special or different than any other agent, might as well go with the cheapest one right? This creates the domino effect where profit margins for marketers and sellers decline due to competition. So what if you could offer a premium service that will differentiate your company from the rest AND help you sell properties more efficiently?

It is now extremely practical to have very effective aerial systems (A.K.A. drones), outfitted with high definition cameras, capture videos and photos of real estate to help sellers generate leads, increase brand visibility, and drive real estate sales. Austin Drone Photography can currently produce fully custom high definition video and photos that can effectively showcase a wide range of property types including: commercial real estate, hotels and resorts, luxury homes, construction developments, residential real estate, company facilities and Universities. Aerial photos add value because they offer a bird’s eye view and big picture of the property; with an aerial photo, buyers (and sellers) can now see elements such as acreage, location of trees, bodies of water, and a high definition view of the layout and design of the property and surrounding real estate. All of these elements can alter the value of the property and be negotiation points for the seller.

As a past real estate and property tax analyst, most real estate investors are primarily concerned with return on investment. In this case, income based valuation will most likely weigh the most in determining the sales/purchase price. However, what about that new fortune 500 company that is looking to expand into new facilities and isn’t interesting in the rental income? They will most likely rely on equity based valuation, using recent sales and comparable properties to determine the purchase price they are willing to pay. Keep in mind, most buyers will make the determination of whether or not they actually want to get up and pursue the property based on what they saw on the internet. VERY RARELY will a potential buyer be close enough to the property to view it in person, especially when talking commercial real estate. Even if a buyer could view a property in person, the field of view is still limited and they would not be able to see the “big picture”. As a buyer, I really want to get a feel for a property before I drive or fly thousands of miles to see it. Therefore, it is critical to provide quality multi-media online that will expedite the buying and selling process. This is especially true for residential /luxury real estate where buyers want to eliminate unnecessary trips and only focus on high interest properties.

In sum, aerial photography has multiple benefits for real estate stakeholders including:

  • Providing quality multi-media online that will expedite the buying and selling process
  • Enabling the seller to negotiate increases in sales prices  due to property elements
  • Generating leads for agents
  • Providing “big picture” views of real estate.
  • Enabling real estate marketers and sellers to increase brand visibility.
  • Enabling real estate marketers and sellers to provide premium services that will differentiate themselves from the rest.

About the Author: Fred Ramirez is a former real estate and property tax analyst, co-owner of Austin Drone Photography, entrepreneur, and is currently employed as an auditor. Fred also has his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a major in accounting, and his Masters in Accountancy from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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